Friday, 30 March 2007


Well we had a fantastic time at Crufts but we almost didn?t make it!
On the way there I had a blow out in the fast lane. I couldn?t remember how to get to the spare tyre under the car and didn?t fancy my chances with the HGVs thundering past the hard shoulder on a cold dark morning at 5.30am. Thank god for the AA!

I rang them and told them we were two women alone who needed assistance. I had to laugh when I told them about Lulu being in the car. Suddenly we were a priority call! Thank you Lulu. The lovely recovery man was soon with us and we arrived at the NEC in plenty of time.

We didn?t get a place but we made the cut ( for non show people this just means the judge goes round the ring and selects a smaller number of dogs to stay in the ring to make her final selection from) The class was big, about 35-40 dogs and we made the last 15 or so. It was brilliant and already I can?t wait for Crufts 2008.