Sunday, 14 October 2007

Helicopter Wee

Saskia, the cutest, smallest little working cocker spaniel has a major problem - Helicopter Wee! She is full of beans and insists on doing the wall of death round the kitchen at every opportunity - unfortunately she wees as she runs.

Not content with covering the kitchen she then likes to give us and any visitors a liberal splattering, usually spinning round like a top - hence the "helicopter wee"! Any ideas how to stop this gratefully received!!

Beating starts at the end of the month and I can?t wait - at least it won?t matter where Sassy wees! I will have to try and avoid her in the beaters wagon - its too embarrassing to have her peeing on everyone at such close proximity. She looks just like her dad Tom who will also be there, with any luck people will think it is him! Hee hee!