Wednesday, 15 October 2008

It has come to my attention that certain adverts are being placed on this site that are scams - anything that asks you to ship a puppy abroad or offers to send you a dog for free are SCAMS -

Can I remind people if something looks too good & sounds too good then it probably is.
Do not fall for their lies - don't send money to strangers - be on your guard.
These people rely on your greed and lack of judgement!!!!!!! You wouldn't give a stranger in the street your hard earned money - why would you wire it to them or credit an account for them??????

Can I also inform the people running the scam if I find out who you are the Police will be knocking at your door. You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Blogger boogleboo said...

i think iam being scammed by somebody on this website, i have been told by polo smith that he has a pure bred bull dog up for addoption and al i have to pay is delivery which i have to go to a postoffice and put money in an account abroad (which i havent). i have contacted them and they have contacted me telling me that they put the puppy on a flight from dundee to liverpool and then fed-x will pick the puppy up and deliver it to me,i have tried contacting you by phone but it either goes straight to answer phone or theres no answer??, do you think this sounds like a scam? i have looked at the email the so called delivery people sent me and it looks like they have tried copying and pasting things from original websites, and its not worked properly if you get what i mean, if i had an email address for you i could forward it to you to see what you think.. it may just be that im to causious as iv been scammed many times b4 but i do feel this is a scam too please help

14 January 2009 10:01  
Blogger PuppyPlanet said...

You are absolutely right in being suspicious and it's not just Puppy Planet that these people target, they go for any web site where they can advertise puppies, usually free ones. and are 2 email addresses that we have found dodgy and you will find them rather popular if you put them into Google. Treat anyone with any story of giving pedigree pups away with caution, even if there is a recession on it's highly unlikely (actually, it's possibly the other way around - they would want money!). I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but be on your guard.

Again, sorry to bore everyone with the phrase but it's more than fair to say "if it looks too good to be true then it probably is".

25 January 2009 13:20  

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