Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Crufts 2008 (the build up)

Sorry for the delay in updating my blog - we have finally managed to move house and the dogs have settled in a treat. Our neighbours are great and we are getting used to the wild life now we live in the country. We have three cock pheasants that like to tour the garden, but Saskia insists on chasing them off at every opportunity.

We feed the two horses in the field next to us - we have called them Harriet and Sparkle. Harriet is definitely the boss as Sparkle is only a baby. Whenever the carrots come out Harriet makes sure she is there first. Sparkle has to snatch and run or Harriet gets very jealous and tries to nip her. The dogs have realised that horses equal carrots and always go to say hello - just incase they drop a bit!

As I write we are preparing to go to Crufts 2008. (Gundog Day - Friday 7th March 2008) It's the second time we have been in ' the ' ring so hopefully I won't be as nervous this year!!!

It is an amazing feeling just being a part of it after watching ringside for so many years - I think I know how it feels to walk down the red carpet - smile, move, smile, move, pose and relax.

Lulu was brilliant last year and seemed to realise all eyes were on her at the crucial moments - I love that dog.

If you do find yourself near the Labrador ring please come over and say hello - I will be the pale nervous wreck!

You can email me your triumphs (and failures - the funnier the better! - Did I ever tell you about my first show, one of my Labs decided instead of showing his teeth to the judge he would grab her fringe instead - he then refused to let go - the shame!!!) and you just might get a mention next month.

Good luck to everyone who is entered, we all take the best dog home with us.