Sunday, 23 March 2008

Saskia & The Snowman

We woke up today to find snow!!!
I had to make a snowman - its been so long since we had any real snow, it takes me back to primary school where we would all compete to see who could build the biggest.
The dogs loved it and chased each other about madly.
Sassy was not too sure about my snowman at first but I think they are friends now!

Monday, 17 March 2008


I have been to ringcraft tonight with a friend who is equally mad about Labs - She has the most adorable chocolate boy and we have spent all night trying to think of a name for him - he is 16 weeks old and we get very odd looks when people ask what he is called and we say we don't know yet!
Eventually on the way home in the car she happened on Duffy - and we were both sold!
It was his first big outing and he took it all in his stride - he is very calm and steady -I just wonder how long that will last!!!!


Sunday, 9 March 2008

The dream is over - We made it to Crufts but didn't get through - we didn't even make the cut - but what a fantastic day we had anyway! We set off at 5.30am to get there and thankfully had a smooth journey down. Before I knew it we were set up on our bench waiting for our class.

Lulu seemed to think it was all a big game - she loved seeing all the other dogs but was quite content to snooze in her collapsible crate on the bench. Well done to everyone taking part - it really is a long and tiring day and just qualifying for Crufts is a real achievement in itself.

I will be watching the final on Sunday - not sure who will win but good luck!!