Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sorry sorry sorry! I know this page hasn't been updated in... ooh aeons - so busy here and I hope it didn't look like PP had failed to come out of winter hibernation! Certainly not, but you could forgive us what with the weather and all. The met office are reminding us of the Wimbledon weather... pah! Oh well... not their fault is it? Or *is* it? :)

Some small site updates
So the site has seen a bit of an upturn in traffic - we did a bit of work last month in the background and it's made a huge difference. I can't lie - it was due to be done for ages, I just never got around to it. You know the sort of job that you can do in a day but you never quite get 'the perfect day' to sort it. Well the perfect day never arrived and I just decided to change a few bits at a time. One of the changes is that we've made adverts so they can be deleted. Standard stuff I hear you cry but PP has 90 day adverts for litters and 1 year ads for breeders and studs so the need to remove adverts wasn't seen as a priority as the ads will remove themselves after the relevant period is over. I'll stop waffling... suffice it to say that you can delete your ads at any time - don't forget that you can also edit your adverts by logging in after you have placed an advert (handy if you've spotted a mistake or you want to upload a photo after the pups were born).

Shop 'til y'drop
You may notice that we have a store. We've linked in with Amazon for a few years now and have had a good rummage through their products to try and bring you a few canine items all under one roof. If you buy from here it all helps us to keep running Puppy Planet - a completely free service.

Donations - a thank you
I would like to take this opportunity also to thank those of you who have donated to PP on PayPal. Thank you so much, I reply to each and every one who donates - I hope you all received our sincere gratitude. It's really great - PP just about (!) covers costs and we're grateful for everything we get, no matter how small. You're so kind, thank you.

Thanks for reading, I hope the weather's good for you in August and I hope to pop back on here a lot more often to update you all with some more bits n bats very soon.
Paul (Amy's still v.busy but she says 'hi').