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Dog Breeders Briard LUELLESHA

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Breed: Briard
Any Show wins / FTCH:
Health Checks: Hip score and CSNB eye test

Kennel History
We are a small show kennel based in Somerset. We currently have 4 Briards and 2 cats who all live in the house with us. Litters availble occassionally and only breeding for health and quality.

Details of previous or planned litters
Our 1st Briard litter was in May 2009. And Litter no 2, expected 1st week of February 2011. Black and Fawns expected. For inquires please phone me for details. On 01460 64032

Contact Information
Name: SHANI LUNNON Tel: 01460 64032 Email: - shanilunnon@yahoo.com
Location: CHARD, Somerset
Website Address: http://www.luelleshabriards.co.uk