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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sorry sorry sorry! I know this page hasn't been updated in... ooh aeons - so busy here and I hope it didn't look like PP had failed to come out of winter hibernation! Certainly not, but you could forgive us what with the weather and all. The met office are reminding us of the Wimbledon weather... pah! Oh well... not their fault is it? Or *is* it? :)

Some small site updates
So the site has seen a bit of an upturn in traffic - we did a bit of work last month in the background and it's made a huge difference. I can't lie - it was due to be done for ages, I just never got around to it. You know the sort of job that you can do in a day but you never quite get 'the perfect day' to sort it. Well the perfect day never arrived and I just decided to change a few bits at a time. One of the changes is that we've made adverts so they can be deleted. Standard stuff I hear you cry but PP has 90 day adverts for litters and 1 year ads for breeders and studs so the need to remove adverts wasn't seen as a priority as the ads will remove themselves after the relevant period is over. I'll stop waffling... suffice it to say that you can delete your ads at any time - don't forget that you can also edit your adverts by logging in after you have placed an advert (handy if you've spotted a mistake or you want to upload a photo after the pups were born).

Shop 'til y'drop
You may notice that we have a store. We've linked in with Amazon for a few years now and have had a good rummage through their products to try and bring you a few canine items all under one roof. If you buy from here it all helps us to keep running Puppy Planet - a completely free service.

Donations - a thank you
I would like to take this opportunity also to thank those of you who have donated to PP on PayPal. Thank you so much, I reply to each and every one who donates - I hope you all received our sincere gratitude. It's really great - PP just about (!) covers costs and we're grateful for everything we get, no matter how small. You're so kind, thank you.

Thanks for reading, I hope the weather's good for you in August and I hope to pop back on here a lot more often to update you all with some more bits n bats very soon.
Paul (Amy's still v.busy but she says 'hi').

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Calling all dog breeders with web sites! Puppy Planet needs you!
You know it's completely free to advertise on here, yes? Not only do you get free adverts, you also get the benefit of a link to your web site which gives you a leg up the ladder on what we call 'search engine optimisation'. What this means is that a popular dog / puppy-related web site like ours pointing to your breeder web site really helps your search rank.

You could really help us by linking back to Puppy Planet.

If you edit your own site or can get in touch with whoever looks afer yours - we would really appreciate it if you could add a link to http://www.puppyplanet.co.uk - it helps us to help you and that's why we're here. We're the good guys, remember? Thanks in advance.

As a quick update to the last post about the scammers I can happily report we've removed what we hope to be all the scam adverts. I can't emphasise this point enough though, while we are absolutely committed to keeping this site clear of the rubbish, it's nigh on impossible to stop scam adverts. Please use your common sense - Amy said it in her last post and I'll say it again - if something looks too good & sounds too good then it probably is.

Thanks for all your support in 2008 and we look forward to seeing you in 2009 :)
- (standing in for Amy...she's a tad busy!)

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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

It has come to my attention that certain adverts are being placed on this site that are scams - anything that asks you to ship a puppy abroad or offers to send you a dog for free are SCAMS -

Can I remind people if something looks too good & sounds too good then it probably is.
Do not fall for their lies - don't send money to strangers - be on your guard.
These people rely on your greed and lack of judgement!!!!!!! You wouldn't give a stranger in the street your hard earned money - why would you wire it to them or credit an account for them??????

Can I also inform the people running the scam if I find out who you are the Police will be knocking at your door. You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 24 June 2008

New Puppy At Puppy Planet

My new puppy comes home this week and I can't wait. I still don't have a name for her, but I am sure that will come as I get to know her better.
I have decided to chart her progress here, from her very first night at home. I am hoping that she will be a show dog so watch this space! You can join us here every month to see how we get on.
For those that would like to show but haven't taken the plunge yet I will try to explain how to get started, how to get in the ring and hopefully how to qualify.
As the weather is getting better there are lots of agricultural and fun shows about the country - you can always try your hand at a companion dog show first if you don't feel ready for a Championship show. The Horbury show on Sunday 29th June at Carr Lodge Park, Horbury, Wakefield is a great day out and has a fun dog show you can enter on the day. It starts at 11am.
Let the fun begin!!!


Sunday, 23 March 2008

Saskia & The Snowman

We woke up today to find snow!!!
I had to make a snowman - its been so long since we had any real snow, it takes me back to primary school where we would all compete to see who could build the biggest.
The dogs loved it and chased each other about madly.
Sassy was not too sure about my snowman at first but I think they are friends now!

Monday, 17 March 2008


I have been to ringcraft tonight with a friend who is equally mad about Labs - She has the most adorable chocolate boy and we have spent all night trying to think of a name for him - he is 16 weeks old and we get very odd looks when people ask what he is called and we say we don't know yet!
Eventually on the way home in the car she happened on Duffy - and we were both sold!
It was his first big outing and he took it all in his stride - he is very calm and steady -I just wonder how long that will last!!!!


Sunday, 9 March 2008

The dream is over - We made it to Crufts but didn't get through - we didn't even make the cut - but what a fantastic day we had anyway! We set off at 5.30am to get there and thankfully had a smooth journey down. Before I knew it we were set up on our bench waiting for our class.

Lulu seemed to think it was all a big game - she loved seeing all the other dogs but was quite content to snooze in her collapsible crate on the bench. Well done to everyone taking part - it really is a long and tiring day and just qualifying for Crufts is a real achievement in itself.

I will be watching the final on Sunday - not sure who will win but good luck!!